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IT support & software training for businesses who need an expert they can call upon.

IT Support & Microsoft Training in Cambridge and beyond

Experts in IT across the board

We’re experts in our field but we don’t talk like one – Our IT techies are there to provide you with painless advice. And, our IT trainers make learning about Excel spreadsheets fun (yes, really!).

We believe that you shouldn’t be at the mercy of IT obstacles in order to run and grow your business. Whether you need a full upgrade to Office 365, need help to create a dashboard in Excel, or simply you just don’t know where the switch is to turn it off and on again – we’re here when you need us.

IT support for businesses who need clear assistance

With our approachable helpdesk support from our Cambridgeshire-based team of experts, we’re here to ensure your IT infrastructure runs as smooth as possible, whether you’re a small, medium or corporate business.

Tickets resolved on first contact

Quick action as always - Thank you.

St Andrews Bureau

Microsoft training for businesses & individuals

Our experienced trainers teach a wide-range of IT courses covering both Microsoft & Adobe software, and many other programs too! Our courses are taught in-person at our Cambridge facility or online for both individuals and groups. Whether you’re an advanced user or absolute beginner, our courses are always informative and fun.

Delegates trained over 30 years.

A long history of support and learning

We started back in 1986 and one of our first jobs was working with world-famous theoretical physicist, Stephen Hawking, using a very early word processor on A Brief History of Time.

Since then we’ve expanded our offering to local, national and international businesses from Cambridge to the rest of the world. We’re also one of the only training centres in the UK who have been there teaching since Microsoft 3.1 in 1992 and have continued through to Microsoft Office 365 today.

We’re fortunate in our field that there aren’t many like us – we, quite literally, practice what we preach. We train individuals and businesses from beginner PowerPoint to advanced Excel formulae, and then we also support those businesses everyday with our IT support teams.

…the course was just full of so many 'oh man, if only I'd have known how to do that before' moments!

Ninja Theory Ltd

Why choose FROG?

You say “hop” – we say “how high?”


We’re always one step ahead of the latest updates for both our training and IT support. 


Our training courses are fun and our support team members are always happy to help.


We’re rated 4.5 out of 5 for our training & support services on Google Reviews.

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