1. Windows: Window key+Shift+S to quickly snip a portion of the screen
  2. Windows: Window key+cursor arrows (up, down, left, right) to move your windows around the screen quickly!
  3. Windows: Window key+D to display your Desktop quickly
  4. Windows: Window key+Tab to display the Task View – lists open programs plus a timeline of files!
  5. Excel: Ctrl+; (semi-colon) to enter the current date
  6. Excel: Ctrl+Shift+! to format numbers with decimals
  7. Excel: Ctrl+Shift+ ~ (tilde) to remove number formatting (General)
  8. Word: Ctrl+Q to remove all character and paragraph formatting e.g. bold, fonts, numbering and indents
  9. Word: Ctrl+Spacebar to remove all character formatting e.g. bold, font, underline
  10. Word: Ctrl+G to go to a page
  11. Word:  Alt+Shift+Up arrow and Alt+Shift+Down arrow to move table rows quickly!
  12. Office:  Alt+Qwill activate the search box in any Microsoft program