Disaster recovery and backup IT support in Cambridge

Remember that feeling you had when your hard drive crashed and you couldn’t recall the last time you backed up? Many of us have been there. But for businesses the aftermath can be catastrophic – That’s where a secure disaster recovery plan comes in.

A disaster recovery plan outlines the procedures & processes a company should take if their IT infrastructure has been significantly affected by outside events or human error. It’s also now a GDPR requirement for organisations to have procedures in place to restore access to personal data.

While it’s something that will hopefully not happen to any business, our experienced and qualified IT engineers can provide you with an effective recovery plan that can be actioned at any given moment to ensure your organisation continues it’s day-to-day running.

  • Fast recovery of precious data
  • Fast recovery of IT systems
  • Fast recovery of servers
  • Always-on IT systems
  • Minimise lost work

How do we help?

IT systems can be affected by a number of factors, like cyber threats, human error or even outside events like the Coronavirus pandemic. A disaster recovery plan provides you with a solution to maintain full business continuity.  

Our disaster recovery planning service outlines the details your business will need to minimise disruption. Not only do we work with you on the specific details of the plan, but we’re here to help put it into action should anything happen. This gives your business the absolute confidence it needs to carry on without worry as well as continue working when situations change.

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