Great Shelford, Cambridge / Online
1 day course
£230.00 (ex. VAT)

This is our 1 day introductory Microsoft Excel training course aimed at beginners and newcomers to spreadsheets. If you haven’t used Excel before and find yourself intimidated by all its potential capabilities then this course will not only introduce you to Excel, but it will also get you up to speed on all the essential basics you need to become a proficient user of spreadsheets.

This course is perfect for those who need to start organising small amounts of data whether it’s financial information, stock counts or customer information. It’s also great for those who need to broaden their IT skills and get a grasp of the basic elements of Excel.

By the end of this course you will be able to create, edit and format spreadsheets using number and font formatting. You’ll also be able to edit the structure of a spreadsheet by inserting, deleting and resizing columns and rows. We’ll also be introducing you to some simple calculations.

Course Outline

What is a Spreadsheet?

  • The Excel Screen
  • The Ribbon
  • Moving around the screen
  • Selecting cells and ranges

Creating a Spreadsheet

  • Opening workbooks
  • Entering text and numbers
  • Saving workbooks / Save as PDF
  • Preview and print workbooks
  • Closing workbooks

Editing a Spreadsheet

  • Deleting cell contents
  • Editing text and numbers
  • Copying/moving data/Pasting Options
  • AutoFill
  • Inserting and deleting rows and columns
  • Hiding rows and columns
  • Inserting, deleting, copying and moving worksheets


  • Apply font formats
  • Formatting ranges (currency, fixed etc)
  • Rotate and indent text
  • Modify cell size and alignment
  • Apply borders and shading


  • Simple calculations
  • Copying formulae
  • Editing formulae
  • Absolute ($) & Relative Formulae
  • AutoCalculate
  • Range Finder

Statistical Functions

  • AutoSum
  • Analysing Data using AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, COUNT and COUNTA

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Public Course Dates

This course is taught at our training centre in Cambridge.  Check our current available dates for this course below and register your place. Please note that payment is not made by the booking form below – Instead, you will be sent an invoice with instructions on how to pay and confirm your place shortly afterwards.

Company Group Training

We also provide group training for companies on dates that work for them. This can be done via our training centre, on-site or virtually. Please submit your details here for more information.

Online Training

This course is also taught virtually. To enquire about virtual remote training please submit your details here.

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