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1 day course
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This 1 day course will guide you through the essentials of Adobe Illustrator and get you ready to create basic illustrations with graphics and text. 

Adobe Illustrator is the leading tool for creating drawings and illustrations and is widely used by graphic designers and visual artists to create high quality graphics. If you’ve recently taken on design responsibilities in your role or you’re just keen to know how to use Adobe Illustrator efficiently then this course will help guide you through everything you need to know when you start. If you’re a designer, publisher, marketing professional or if you need to have some design skills within your role this course will be perfect at bringing your skills up to scratch.

Throughout the day our qualified trainers will guide you through the basics of Adobe Illustrator including drawing and modifying paths, inserting text with typographic characters, formatting and manipulating objects as well as exporting your work for print or web.

While you do not need any experience with Adobe Illustrator for this course, familiarity with basic design terminology, such as palette, color mode, shapes, text, and paths is recommended.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Getting Acquainted with Adobe Illustrator

  • Explore the Interface
  • Explore the Navigation Tools
  • Customize the Interface
  • Use Illustrator Help
  • Differentiate Between Raster and Vector Graphics
  • Explore the Adobe Bridge Workspace

Lesson 2: Creating Shapes in a Document

  • Create a Document
  • Draw Basic Shapes
  • Save a Document

Lesson 3: Creating Custom Paths

  • Draw Paths
  • Modify Paths

Lesson 4: Working with Text

  • Insert Text
  • Flow Text on a Path
  • Import Body Text
  • Format Text with Styles
  • Thread Text
  • Apply Hyphenation
  • Insert Typographic Characters

Lesson 5: Enhancing Documents

  • Format Objects
  • Apply Gradients
  • Apply an Envelope to Text
  • Manipulate Objects
  • Import a Graphic
  • Apply Graphic Styles

Lesson 6: Proofing a Document

  • Wrap Text
  • Find and Replace Text
  • Fix Spelling Errors

Lesson 7: Saving Images for Web and Print

  • Export Images for Print
  • Export Images for the Web
  • Save Images as PDFs

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